A brief history of the Tow Law Lodge since 1909
1909     27 March 1909 – Consecration of the Tow Law Lodge at the Mechanics’ Hall Tow Law. 
            Members of Hudson 2791 and Crook 2019 Lodges were keen to have a Lodge locally and the two Lodges became their sponsors.
1911     16 August 1911 – The Bridge Street premises was approved for purchase for the sum of just £350.
1916     16 April – The Lodge was insured against aircraft

20 September – St Johns Nursing Division was granted permission to use the hall as a dressing station in case of air raid.

1924     20 February – Lodge premises extended

1926     15 December – It was resolved to have heating installed throughout the Lodge using hot water pipes.

1934     15 June – Brethren asked if they would be interested in forming a Royal Arch Chapter

17 June – Permission was sought to hold a Royal Arch Chapter to be called The Tow Law Royal Arch Chapter No 3349

21 November – Sanction given to hold the Royal Arch Chapter

1935     26 October – Consecration of Tow Law Royal Arch Chapter 3349

1938     18 May – Proposal for further extension to the premises at cost of £775-16s-5d

1940     19 June – Installation took place in the Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street as the Masonic Hall had been commandeered by the military authorities

             under emergency regulations (Evacuation of Dunkirk).  A donation of £1-13s-0d was made to the Church.

            18 December – The War Department paid £78-0s-0d for the use of the Hall

1946     16 January – The original Lodge Warrant, removed during the hostilities was returned to the Lodge

1947     17 December – Initiation fee raised to 15 Guineas (£15-15s), Lodge subs raised to £1-15s-0d, Re-joining fee set at 2 Guineas (£2-2s)

1948     19 December – Permission granted to form a new Lodge, Beacon 6891, to meet at the Masonic Hall, Tow Law.

1949     21 December – First installation of Beacon Lodge

1959     18 February – A licence was granted to sell beer and spirits

            18 March – 50th Anniversary of Tow Law Lodge

1966     21 September – A commemorative jewel was received from Grand Lodge to be worn on the Master’s collar

1976     17 June – Dining room extension proposed

1982     18 October – It was proposed that the Lodge meetings for January and February be suspended for future years

1984     18 April – 75th anniversary of the Lodge.

2004    20 October – W. Bro Walter Everitt Rand, WM of Tow Law Lodge in 1963, gave £1000 for the new Tow Law Lodge banner
2005    21 September - New Lodge banner paraded around the Lodge
Incorporated in the design of the Tow Law banner are items of both Masonic and Parochial interest.  The Acacia leaves are symbolic of Masonry in general, whilst the Square and Compass are illustrated on the front of Tow Law Summons and symbolise the Third Degree.  The two photographs showing West Thornley Colliery and Tow Law Railway Station demonstrate the transformation of Tow Law from a quiet, rural area to a vibrant industrial town, remembered by the Founding Members in 1909.
  2009  15 April – Tow Law Lodge 3349, 100 years celebration